Dr. Stephen Lam obtained his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1974. He completed his internal medicine residency and respiratory medicine fellowship at the University of British Columbia in 1978. He received further post-graduate training in the Respiratory Intensive Care unit of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and advanced training in bronchoscopy at the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Lam is Professor of Medicine in the Respiratory Division. He is currently Chair of the Lung Tumour Group and Leader of the Lung Cancer Prevention Program at the BC Cancer Agency, and is a Senior Scientist in the Cancer Imaging Department of the BC Cancer Research Centre.

He is a co-inventor of a highly sensitive fluorescence bronchoscopy method (LIFE-Lung) to detect and localize pre-invasive lung cancers, which is being used in over 150 major medical centers world-wide. In 1999, he and his colleagues Dr. C. MacAulay, Dr. B. Palcic and Mr. Bruno Jaggi were awarded the Friesen-Rygiel Award for Outstanding Canadian Academic Discovery for development of the LIFE-Lung device. In June 2002, he was awarded the Gustav Killian Medal by the World Association of Bronchology for pioneering contributions to the field of early lung cancer diagnosis.

His clinical and research interests include: Clinical trial of chemopreventive agents to prevent lung cancer, Early detection of lung cancer, and Interventional endoscopic procedures.

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