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Smoking Cessation


Resources to help you quit:

British Columbia Lung Association
Quitting tips and strategies online
One-on-one counselling and materials

Vancouver Coastal Health
Regional Tobacco strategy for Vancouver Coastal Health. Information, links, groups, youth programs for people who wish to stop smoking. Links to resources for health professionals. Find a "quit smoking" group in your area of Vancouver Coastal Health.

Free service for British Columbians who want help quitting smoking.

Either click on or phone toll-free to 1-877-455-2233 to access free information to help you quit smoking.

Smoke-free Families
A program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - online
Quitting tips and strategies for pregnant smokers:

American Thoracic Society
American Thoracic Society's "Best of the Web" review of Smoking Cessation websites. Mostly American sites. Solid information.


Help - For a life without tobacco
A website provided as an initiative of the European Union.
Offers information and support on Quitting Smoking in 27 different languages.

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